Nick's Battle

Nicholas Heuchan

Born: December 18, 2016

Diagnosis: June 8, 2003

Disease Diagnosis

Nick was discovered to have a color deficiency during and eye test while entering kindergarten at Norwood Elementary. After a couple of visits to the eye doctor it was discovered that Nick had a blind spot in the center of his vision. It was discovered that Nick did not only have the blind spot it was growing. He was losing his central vision. Doctors decided to start looking at diseases and disorders that attack the eye sight at an early age. There were many tests done but things were not pointing directly to Batten Disease.
A Geneticists was brought in to look for things that attack the eye sight. This is when we discovered Nick had Juvenile Batten Disease which is a lysomal storage disorder that attacks the brain. It has blindness, seizures, Autism, and symptoms simliar to ALS and Alzheimers.

Nick's Progression

Nick at this point has lost almost all of his vision with only light/dark perception at this time. He began to have seizures on January 29, 2009. His seizures have increased to approximately one per month over the past year of 2016. Nick is only having Grand-mal seizures at this point. He started losing his mobility and balance around his 17th birthday. Short term memory lost really started to show itself about that time. He is a fighter and wants to keep doing what he has done in the past, but sometimes that is difficult.

Nick's Adventures

Nick has done many things and met many people during his battle with Batten Disease. He has met his "hero" John Force, 16 time NHRA Funny Car Champion, Ronnie Milsap, Eddie Money, and Joan Jett to name a few. He has also made many new friends such Jay Blake, Car owner and crew chief of the Permatex Follow-a-Dream Top Alcohol Funny Car and Noah Coughlan, known for being only the forth person to run trans-continental across the US.

He has gone to Disneyworld on several occasions, and has met many of the characters from Disney including Mickey Mouse, Captain Hook and Snow White.
He has ridden in a drag car at over 130mph, and has a two seater junior dragster that he rode in while others drove him doen the track. He is a fighter and still wants to do what most any normal boy does.